November 3, 2023
TCN Welcomes New Partner Brandon Woyshnis
It is with great pleasure to announce and welcome Brandon Woyshnis of Woyshnis Media to the TCN team!

It is with great pleasure to announce and welcome Brandon Woyshnis of Woyshnis Media, to the TCN team as a founding partner!

Humble Beginnings

Brandon Woyshnis is a self taught, automotive photographer and videographer. His early beginnings of using an inexpensive SLR at car meets and countless hours researching on Google and YouTube, has pushed him to work his dream job! Now having shot countless exotics and amazing vehicles, he has cemented his place in the car photography space.

It's not just his stunning stills that capture the eye, his cinematography is nothing short of pure automotive bliss. Chances are you've seen his work without even knowing it was him behind the camera as tons of his content has gone viral and been used over and over again by lots of people. Be sure to visit his YouTube channel to see his insane work.

We, of course, like this video ;)


If you follow Brandon at all, you’ll know that he pushes his craft to the limit. Getting the perfect shot is something he takes very seriously. So much so, that he purchased a Honda Odyssey van in order to be able to hang out of it on all sides to get rolling footage!

His youthfulness and finger on the pulse of the automotive scene will help propel the TCN app to its limitless ceiling.

Be sure to follow him on YouTube and Instagram for his newest content!

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