February 6, 2024
TCN Interviews Ervan Sanjaya
Join us as we dive into the journey of Ervan Sanjaya, a promising photographer hailing from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, CA, who is carving out his niche in the thrilling domain of automotive photography.

Based in Los Angeles, Ervan Sanjaya turned his aspiration for high-end automobiles into a creative outlet through automotive photography, a journey that began from admiration and blossomed into a professional path with his first commissioned work—a testament to the power of passion intersecting with opportunity.

Porsche 991 GT2 RS Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

TCN X Ervan Sanjaya

In our conversation, we'll explore Ervan Sanjaya's unique perspective on automotive photography. We aim to uncover how he seamlessly marries technical skill with artistic vision in his work. What sparks the beginning of his new endeavors, and what obstacles does he navigate within the specialized realm of automotive photography? Ervan will offer a glimpse into his creative process and offer valuable tips for aspiring photographers eager to carve out their niche in the complex landscape of automotive imagery.

Be sure to check out Ervan Sanjaya's impressive portfolio on his Instagram page.

Ervan Sanjaya Instagram screenshot

TCN X Ervan Sanjaya Interview

1. "Can you share with us how you first got interested in automotive photography? What was the first car you photographed that made you think, 'This is it, this is what I want to do'?"

The first time I got interested in automotive photography is when I knew I can't afford those kind of cars yet, so to appreciate those cars I choose to take photographs of them. The first proper, paid car photoshoot I did was a Nissan 350Z back in LA, that's the point when I think I can do this while seeing more nice cars.

Nissan 350Z Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

Liberty Walk Nissan R35 GTR and BNR34
Liberty Walk Nissan R35 GTR and BNR34 Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

2. "In your opinion, what makes a great automotive photo stand out? Are there specific angles, lighting conditions, or environments that you think work best? How would you describe your photography style currently?"

In my opinion, a stands out pics shows how photographers present the car regardless of the surrounding. And definitely lighting condition plays a big part! I would describe my style more towards natural, I try my best to show as similar as possible to what I see in real shooting moment.

Mazda FC RX-7, Toyota AE-86, Mazda FD RX-7
Mazda FC RX-7, Toyota AE-86, Mazda FD RX-7 Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

Mazda FD RX-7
Mazda FD RX-7 Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

3. "What has been your most challenging photo shoot and why? Were there any unexpected obstacles or memorable moments?"

The most challenging photo shoot was an event that has bad lighting and position with rope near the cars. Those rope was pain into my eyes and I can't do anything about it, therefore that's when we as photographers need to be unique and creative. It was memorable cause I rarely do event shoot so I practiced detail shots and use other cars as framing.

Mercedes Black Series cars
Mercedes Black Series cars Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

McLaren's Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

4. "Camera aside, is there a specific piece of gear you can’t live without?”

Definitely I can't live without my circular polarizer as an automotive photographer.

Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Huracan Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

5. "In an industry that's always evolving, how do you keep your work innovative and maintain a unique edge?”

I learn that people spend their time shorter looking at pictures, so what I can think off is to combine videos and pictures together to create reels. It seems its more enjoyable for the audiences.

Suzuki Jimny
Suzuki Jimny Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

Mitsubishi EVO 8
Mitsubishi EVO 8 Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

6. “Do you find there is a competitive element to automotive photography or do you see it as more collaborative?”

I don't do this as my main therefore its more towards collaborative to make new friends, to share the same passion talking about cars while I shoot and tell stories about the owner's car. I believe every car has unique bonds with it's owner. Talking about cars with my clients/friends already make me so happy.

Pagani's Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

7. "Looking back at your career so far, what advice would you give to your younger self when you were just starting?"

I would tell myself to keep going and do this wholeheartedly because this hobby/work will take me everywhere and meet so many other friends around the world. And probably push him to do well faster so I can build more portfolios.

Toyota Yaris GR, Mitsubishi EVO 6, and Subaru STi
Toyota Yaris GR, Mitsubishi EVO 6, and Subaru STi Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

8. “Do you have a favorite photo? Either one you’ve taken yourself or one taken by someone else? If so can you tell us about what makes that photo so special?”

My favorite pics of all time probably when I shoot my best friend's car the BMW E46 M3 and his 135i. Its the point where I finally found my style of photography.

BMW E46 M3 and 135i
BMW E46 M3 and 135i Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

9. "Finally, if you could have a dream photo shoot of your dream garage with any three cars from any era, which cars would you choose?”

A dream photoshoot probably for me is my own favorite cars of all time:

1. Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

2. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

3. Koenigsegg CCX

I grew up playing NFS and R34 was available on that game, it was love at first sight even before the R34 hype I've been dying to own that car. For the Murcielago i love how RAW that car is and the sound of that car producing is super eargasm. Most importantly Murcielago ages so well. The Koenigsegg i love how bonkers that car is. The engineering the design the sound of the CCX shows the genius vision of Christian Von Koenigsegg.

Koenigsegg's Photographed by Ervan Sanjaya

Wrapping Up

We express our sincere thanks to Ervan Sanjaya for offering his insights and experiences within the realm of automotive photography. Driven by an intense passion and remarkable skill, Ervan's story is truly motivational, brimming with invaluable lessons. His extraordinary talent in encapsulating the beauty and spirit of vehicles stands out. We deeply value the knowledge and guidance he has imparted regarding his artistry, and we eagerly anticipate observing his ongoing development and impact in the world of automotive photography.

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