November 7, 2023
TCN Partners with Southvalley Photography
At TCN, we are proud to announce our partnership with Southvalley Photography!

At TCN, we are proud to announce our partnership with Southvalley Photography!

Perfecting The Art

Brayden at Southvalley spent the majority of his childhood, being the centerpiece for his mother’s photoshoots. To help relieve his model duties, he decided that if he got good at taking the pictures, he wouldn’t have to be in them. This naturally transitioned into a hobby and 5 years ago, Brayden started South Valley Photography.

Everything he has learned about photography and editing was self taught through hours of research and hands on use of various editing software. Much like other great photographers, he was able to develop his own technique and style which helped him find his niche in the industry.

He has not only worked with some large automotive brands, but some automotive influencers as well. On top of commercial/lifestyle photography work, he also does private photoshoots. His love for photography constantly pushes him to excel in other facets of his craft. It is for this reason that he has had the ability to work with some of the coolest builds and exotics out there. Brayden is very excited to join the platform and we cant wait for him to showcase his talents!

Make sure to check out his website and his Instagram!

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